At SIXSTAR, we boost your online reputation. But we do so much more than that.

SIXSTAR takes a powerful approach to generating authentic, user-generated content. Our innovative formula achieves content-rich feedback on the reviews platform that best suits your patients and proven to deliver results.

How does SIXSTAR work?

SIXSTAR provides an easy, fast, and complete solution for skyrocketing your online presence in today’s competitive market.

Immediate action! Our fast onboarding process ensures you start seeing results quickly.

High-volume and content-rich reviews. Gain consistent reviews of higher quality to positively influence patient decisions.

Completely optimized online assets. Make it easier for patients to find and select you as their preferred provider.

Negative feedback reporting. Learn about a negative experience and contact the patient to resolve the issue before a negative review is posted.

It makes things more efficient for us. Now I can utilize staff to do what they were originally hired to do. SIXSTAR allowed me to not have to hire additional staff to get the results that we were hoping to get. It captures people with positive reviews that we would otherwise fail to capture, and that’s simply worth it for us.

Paul C. Lopez, DDS, MD

It’s easy to win with SIXSTAR

SIXSTAR provides all the assets and support you need to convert simple ratings to honest, content-rich reviews that transform users into happy patients. The best news is that it is simple, easy, and fast to onboard your practice with SIXSTAR. Your dedicated account rep will not only help you gain new patients but turn them into brand ambassadors who drive even more business to your practice!